We’re the ad agency designed for small business.

Blackbuck Marketing was founded in 2015 as a sister company to 360 Press Solutions. 360 found that many of their print clients needed affordable, broad-based design and marketing assistance. Blackbuck has since become a valued partner to many small businesses and nonprofits who rely on us to fill in a wide range of gaps in their own marketing, design, and communications staffing.

Blackbuck works either on a per-project basis or on monthly retainer.
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Shane Scanlan

Shane is a talented artist and a clever designer. In art school, he majored in illustration and minored in fine art – sculpture. He loves to draw, a skill you’ll see in many of his graphic design projects. He’s worked for large and small businesses managing creative projects. He’s done general graphic design for both print and the digital space and worked for a company producing hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of training videos, complete with voiceover and whiteboard-style animation. Give Shane a challenge, and he’ll find a way to deliver an incredible project that goes beyond what you imagined for it. His favorite way to be creative is to immerse himself in the variety of projects he does for our clients. Within one day he could hit the gamut of design projects: print, digital, and video all before lunch!

Fun fact: Despite a fear of heights, Shane has been bungie jumping, rock climbing, and indoor skydiving. 

Danielle Bornowski

Danielle comes from a nonprofit background, working with both local and national organizations. Like most nonprofit professionals working with a lean budget, she learned how to do all the things: managing print and web graphics, handling public relations and social media, and navigating the complexity of organizing volunteers. She loves to work on projects that help clients save time, be more efficient, and solve problems they have. Probably a teacher in a past life, Danielle enjoys coaching clients and helping them to feel empowered with things that overwhelm them or make them nervous (like going on the news or doing a Facebook live video for the first time).

Fun fact: As a preacher’s kid, Danielle lived in 12 houses by the time she graduated high school.

Adrienne Yang

Like many creatives who work in an agency setting, Adrienne earned her degree in graphic design. Not only does she offer creativity in that regard for Blackbuck Marketing, but she also has experience working on digital design projects. Because she grew up all over, she considers home to be wherever she is. Adrienne loves the excitement of working on something brand new with clients. The blank canvas of a new project is an opportunity to flex her creative muscles and marvel at the team effort that creates an incredible work of art that will help clients achieve their business objectives. Adrienne has experience working with nonprofit and for-profit clients with a variety of budget considerations and project scopes.

Fun fact: Adrienne is a former lab rat who worked on cancer research.

Christy Oates

Often in a family, there is one creative. In Christy’s family, everyone is creative, so she feels right at home at Blackbuck Marketing. Christy grew up in Memphis, Tennessee and went to college in Minnesota, where she met her husband of 27 years. Christy has a background in early child education and has lots of customer service experience. She is a lean, mean project management machine (except she’s not really mean). She keeps the Blackbuck Marketing team organized, focused, and refreshingly creative.

Fun fact: Christy has two nicknames among her friends and family: Pie and Hen (can you tell she’s motherly and sweet?!)